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Technical Data & Information

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How To- Instructions on painting and preparation, we make house painting easy.
insulating paints and paint additives that make paint insulate

Insulation R Values...The truth about R values.
Are they the answer to reducing your power bills?
r values what they are

Radiant Barriers...A Real energy Saving Solution. What they do and why you need them
radiant barriers reduce attic heat

Insulating Ceramics, How they work...See how Hy-Tech ceramic insulating paints and insulating paint additives work to reduce your energy costs.
ceramic beads block the transfer of heat

Energy Savings How much can you save by using Insulating paint products
insulating ceramics save energy

Test Data- Insulating paints vs conventional paint
test data for ceramic insulation

Testimonials Read how others have used Hy-Tech insulating paint products to reduce their energy expenses.
insulating paints do save money on heating and cooling

Dictionary- Paints and coating terms and definitions
insulating paints and paint additives that make paint insulate

Heating and Cooling Ductwork- Repair those energy wasting Duct Leaks!
insulating paints and paint additives that make paint insulate

Protect Your Children from Poison Treated Wood Learn about encapsulation
encapsulate lead, asbestos

Energy Costs are Rising- These web sites will help reduce next month's energy bill.
saving energy tips

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