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Hy-Tech produces a wide range of unique coatings designed as "Solutions" to specific coating problems.

  • #80 Concrete Form Aid  for protecting concrete forms and wooden floors on trailers, boxcars and hopper cars against weathering and attack from water, oils, chemical and acid solutions. FORM-AID will dramatically increase the life of wooden forms and reduce waste in the process while dramatically reducing imperfections in the poured concrete. The insulating ceramics help maintain a stable temperature and to prevent loss of moisture during the curing process.

  • #85 Barrier Coat: Radiant Barrier Paint
    Barrier Coat is a reflective aluminum/ceramic, radiant barrier / vapor retarder paint coating. Ideal for use in attics to reduce attic heat gain. Provides an extremely effective wall vapor, insulating barrier

  • #87 Cable Coat  Fire Resistant, PVC, wire and cable coating

  • #150 Acousti-Coat Latex base flat acoustical coating designed to reduce sound through ceilings and walls. Ideal for home theater use, condos, apartments.

  • RC#233  High build, thick rubber-like coating designed for maximum thermal reduction on high temperature pipes, storage tanks, wherever maximum heat reduction properties are required.

  • Metal Shield #1267 The ultimate coating for steel, autos and marine use. Stops Rust, Insulates, Deadens sound

  • SC#1000 High build Sound Deadening coating for application to interior speaker cabinets, auto door panels and headliners, any place an extremely effective sound deadening temperature coating is required.

  • #1100 Encapsulguard  an elastomeric acrylic encapsulment coating that provides an economical, effective and safe sealing of lead base paints, asbestos materials and CCA lumber.

  • #AL-2402 Hi Temp A high temperature ( 800 degrees F ) bright aluminum coating for auto, marine and industrial use.

  • Vapor Barrier Mastic #RVBM-4 Vapor barrier mastic is a highly fire resistant, flexible, tough and durable coating for all types of thermal insulation in cold and dual temperature service. It is designed as a vapor barrier coating for application to seal fittings, heating and cooling ducts, piping, equipment insulated with fibrous glass, polyurethane foam, duct work cellular glass and other low temperature materials.
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insulating house paint and insulating paint additives
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