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Hy-Tech #RVBM-4 - Vapor Barrier Mastic
Product Technical Data

Vapor barrier mastic is a highly fire resistant, flexible, tough and durable coating for all types of thermal insulation in cold and dual temperature service.
It is designed as a vapor barrier coating for application to seal fittings, heating and cooling ducts, piping, equipment insulated with fibrous glass, polyurethane foam, duct work cellular glass and other low temperature materials.
It can be applied as a relatively heavy film or brushed out into a thin, smooth coating.
Suggested Uses:

*Thermal Insulations * Seal Fittings * Punctures * Cellular Glass * Mineral Glass * Polystyrene Foam * Polyethylene Foam * Polyisocyanurate Foam *Piping
* Sealing staples and punctures on vapor seal insulation
*Use with fiberglass tape to repair heating and cooling ductwork joints.

Specification Data:
Colors: White
Temperature Range: -20 Deg F. to 190 Deg F
Coverage: Minimum 5 Gal per 100 sq ft yielding a dry film thickness of 40 mils
Water Vapor Transmission: 0.05 Perm @ .040 in. ASTM E-96/ procedure B
Clean Up: Warm Soapy
Certification of Fire Resistance: This product is certified to have the following characteristics when tested by ASTM E-84
Flame Spread Index=0
Smoke Developed=0
Surface 1/4"
Coverage 25 Feet Per Gallon

Limitations: Keep from freezing, Do not apply below 40 Deg F or above 100 Deg F, Do not subject to ponding water, Do not apply to damp or wet insulation, Foil surfaces that are smooth and shiny will deter the adhesion of the mastic.
Available in 1 Gal, 5 Gal, and 55 Gal drums
$39.95 Per Gallon...5 Gallon $199.75

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