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Wear Ever #4000

Water base Anti-Slip Deck and Floor Coating

WEAR EVER  is a urethane acrylic high-performance industrial grade concrete anti-slip deck coating. This is a low V.O.C., waterborne formulation of acrylic and urethane/acrylic resins with silicone. New technology gives the convenience of water clean up while surpassing the performance of solvent based products. WEAR EVER has a high concentration of urethane emulsion which provides outstanding water and chemical resistance plus an increased resistance to ultraviolet degradation. This urethane composition also increases the film hardness which provides for superior mar, scratch and abrasion resistance. A decorative, protective and extremely long lasting, durable finish that is easily maintained year after year.
WEAR EVER is an Industrial Strength Sealer designed for use on all wood, asphalt, cement and masonry type substrates. Fresh concrete must cure at least 28 days before using WEAR EVER. For residential, commercial and industrial applications.

WEAR EVERT may not be compatible over some previously coated surfaces such as products with silicone. To insure compatibility test a small area and check after 48 hours.
This product is a Use-At-Your-Own-Risk product since multiple unforeseen variables such as weather conditions (temperature, humidity, moisture, rain) can not be controlled. WEAR EVER has no warranty, and user assumes all risks and liability associated with the application of this product.
May be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray,
200 to 300 sq.ft./gal. depending on porosity of surface applied to.
Available in 1 Gal, 5 Gal, and 55 Gal drums
1 Gallon: $39.95...5 Gallon: $199.75

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