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Hy-Tech Bus Kote #2150

Bus & Recreational Vehicle Coating

Bus-Kote is a bight white, acrylic elastomeric, insulating ceramic, waterproof coating designed specifically for Buses and recreational vehicles. This high build rubber like coating waterproofs, insulates, soundproofs, beautifies and protects with a ceramic shield that expands and contracts with varying hot and cold temperatures plus resists thermal shock. Bus-Kote offers superior mildew resistance and ultraviolet ray reflectivity.

Originally designed as an insulating, reflective coating for school districts to use on the roofs of school buses to lower the interior bus temperature. This energy saving coating will reduce interior temperatures when hot and make interior temperatures more constant when cold due to ceramic insulation. formulated to resist over 100 m.p.h. wind driven rains. Hy-Tech offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty when applied according to our specifications.
This easy to apply maintenance free coating will provide years and years of durable, insulating protection and outstanding beauty. ( For the ultimate in roof coating protection we recommend a top coating of Flexi-Clear, an elastomeric crystal clear coating that is designed for protecting paint finishes.
Flexi-Clear is completely non-yellowing, highly resistant to water, road salt, tar, oily grime and its natural hydrophobic film is easy to clean and maintain.)
Bus Kote Coverage: 125-150 square feet per gallon.
Available in 1 Gal, 5 Gal, and 55 Gal drums
$39.50 Per Gallon...5 Gallon$197.50

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How To Apply
Insul Cool-Coat For any sloped roof with good water runoff.
Roof Guard Designed for flat roofs that are prone to ponding water.
Permacoat Plus Any roof, sloped or flat requiring a Class "A" Fire Rating!
Flexi-Clear Crystal Clear Elastomeric Protective Coating
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