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#200 Satin Finish

House Paint

Interior and Exterior

Hy-Tech Ceramic Satin   is an acrylic formulation providing a superior high performance quality similar to that of oil base industrial coatings.

A satin finish acrylic latex water base paint that is filled with our insulating ceramics providing a thermal insulating barrier that will reduce your home's heating and cooling requirements saving you hundreds of dollars each year in reduced heating and cooling costs while providing a long lasting, self cleaning, paint finish.

Durable satin finish that is non-yellowing, colorfast and washable.
Resists moisture and salt spray
Fortified with Mildewcides
Hi hiding formulation
Alkali resistant,chemical resistant,chip and corrosion resistant
Low VOC compliant and contains No LEAD pigments
Environmentally Safe!

Use on a wide variety of surfaces including metal siding, aluminum and wood siding, galvanized metal, drywall, plaster,wood trim, masonry, concrete block, stucco, storage tanks, wood and metal doors, cement roof tile, asphalt roof materials.

Hy-Tech Ceramic Satin will give your home years of lasting, trouble free beauty.
Can be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray.

Application is identical to ordinary house paint with an average coverage rate of 300 sq.ft. per gallon, two coats are recommended.

Stir thoroughly before using! Be sure the surface is clean, dry, and free from grease or wax. All surface defects such as peeling, cracks and patches should be corrected before painting.
A coat of exterior wood primer is recommended on new wood and on staining type woods such as redwood, cedar, or mahogany. Rusted metal surfaces should be spot primed with a good rust inhibiting primer prior to paint application.
Fresh plaster and stucco with a high lime content as well as all asphalt surfaces should first be coated with a good latex sealer such as #10 Chalk Locker.

Over old latex finish in good condition apply 2 coats at container consistency.
Any patched areas and chalky surfaces should be spot primed.
Bare metal surfaces should be primed with Aqua Prime latex rust inhibiting metal primer. Aluminum siding and metal should be clean and free of chalking.
If slight thinning is necessary thin with water, not exceeding 1 pint per gallon or use our new
Acri Flow the latex paint reducer that makes any paint more durable and easier to apply.

Clean up with soap and water. Allow 2 to 3 hours drying before re-coating.
Do not apply when surface temperature is below 50 deg. F.
Available in 1 Gal and 5 Gal size
$38.95 Per Gal...5 Gallon $194.75

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