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Rust Conversion Inhibitor Coating

Halts existing rust and prevents future corrosion with a durable protective barrier.
No need for sand blasting or scraping.

Rust Reform is the answer for stopping corrosion of ferrous metals. Rust Reform halts rust and prevents future corrosion with a durable protective barrier. Rust Reform is, water based, Non Toxic and Non Flammable metal treatment that allows you to paint over rusty metal and then topcoat with any kind of paint without the need to sand or grind to bare metal. It chemically converts existing rust into an inert coating that seals out moisture to prevent future rusting. The black polymer coating withstands weather, sun, water, and salt spray without peeling or cracking. Rust Reform should be top coated with a pigmented primer before any type of finish coating. Our Aqua Prime #15 is an excellent choice, as it also contains rust inhibitive additives as well.
HOW IT WORKS: Organic tannic acid is the heart of Rust Reform rust converter. It reacts with the iron oxide, converting it to iron tannate, a stable blue/black corrosion product. Tannic acid has become a standard conservation treatment for corroded iron artifacts found on archeological sites.
No sandblasting is required. Wire brushing of the surface is required only if there is a need for a smoother finished appearance. Remove any large scale, grease and oil, previous coatings and other loose material that might lead to future bond failure. The temperature of the metal should be between 10 and 30°C (50 - 90°F), and there should be no risk of rain for 24 hours. Stir well before using. Apply a full even application to a dry surface with brushes, rollers or spray. The coating will dry to a smooth dark black finish in 20 minutes and fully cure in 24 hours. For optimum weather resistance, apply a second coat 24 hours after the first coat has dried. Once cured, topcoat with our Aqua Prime primer. Do not contaminate the stock solution by pouring used rust converter back into the bottle. Only pour what is needed for the job and discard any that is left over. Should be top coated with #15 Aqua Prime to prevent bleed-through with certain top coats. Clean up with soap and water. Spread rate= 250-300 sq ft per Gallon on smooth surfaces.
Available in 1 Pint $ 12.95, (compare to Rust Oleum @ $18.95)
1 Quart $25.95
1 Gal $84.50
5 Gal $422.50

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