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Hy-Tech SUPER-THANE #1200
Gloss Industrial Enamel

SUPER-THANE is a high solids, polyurethane-acrylic blend, single component, ambient cure, waterborne coating for interior and exterior surfaces. Super Thane provides excellent flow and leveling characteristics as well as a hard tile-like finish that has excellent durability, resists moisture, salt spray, is alkali resistant, chemical resistant, mildew resistant, chip resistant and corrosion resistant.

Super Thane can be mixed with Hy-Tech insulating ceramics giving the coating outstanding thermal reducing and sound deadening properties. Hy-Tech ceramic microspheres, bonded together with the polyurethane-acrylic resins create a "stain barrier" that resists stains and dirt.
Super Thane provides improved color retention, gloss retention, and chalk resistance when compared to alkyd industrial enamels. Water based, lead and chromate free, fast drying, low odor, easy brushing, VOC compliant, easy clean-up with water. Super-Thane Polyurethane Enamel will dry quickly, even in a very muggy, very high-humidity environment, such as that found in tropical climates.

SPECIFICATION: Super Thane Polyurethane Enamel meets or exceeds U.S. Federal Government Specification TT-P-489.
Low VOC's
Will Not Attack Other Coatings and Primers
Soap and Water Clean Up
Low Coefficient of Friction
Non-Flammable (>180F Flashpoint)
One Coat Hiding
Rust Inhibitive
RECOMMENDED FOR: Super-Thane is designed for use on properly prepared metal, wood, masonite, concrete and masonry surfaces. Exhibits excellent adhesion on difficult to adhere to metal surfaces.
Spread Rate: 350-400 sq ft per Gallon
Available in 1 Gallon: $39.95... 5 Gallon: $199.75

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