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Interior Exterior Flat Latex Paint
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Insulating Flat

Latex Ceramic House Paint

Hy-Tech Insulating Flat #100 is a very high hiding 100% acrylic insulating house paint that provides excellent durability on a variety of architectural surfaces. Mildew and fade resistant, (Treated with fungicide to resist mildew growth on the product film), this paint is formulated to provide minimal spatter and excellent coverage. It hides minor surface imperfections and dries quickly to a smooth matt finish.
Pre mixed at the factory with insulating ceramics, simply open the can and apply a heat reflecting coating to your walls.
Application is identical to ordinary flat house paint but with the added advantage of energy saving Hy-Tech ceramic microspheres and their insulating properties.

High Solids 100% acrylic vehicle
Heavy concentration of insulating ceramics.
Excellent Durability and scrub resistance
Stain and dirt resistant
Soft velvet flat finish
Exceptional hide and excellent touch-up
May be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray.
Fast drying, 1-3 hours.
Very Low Odor
Spread Rate 200-300 Sq Ft per Gallon
Color: White, Can be tinted locally to pastel and mid range colors.

Recommend Uses and Application:

  • For use on walls and ceilings over a wide variety of surfaces such as
    primed drywall, plaster, acoustical tiles, drop in ceiling panels,popcorn ceilings,concrete,stucco,brick,masonry,primed metal and wood.
  • Excellent for apartments,condominiums,warehouses,motels,offices and residential buildings.

Available in 1 Gal and 5 Gal Containers
$35.50 Per Gal - 5 Gallon $177.50

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