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Paint Primers and Undercoating's

Using a primer will make your finish coat look better and last longer by correcting existing surface problems that may lead to premature paint failure. Generally, the only time a primer is not needed is when the surface is in good condition.
Primers are formulated to cover stains and discoloration, provide a sound foundation for the finish coat so that it adheres better, hide surface marks, blockout darker colors,seal off porous surfaces and make the finish coat smooth and uniform.

Primers And Sealers

  • #10 Chalk Locker   Clear Sealer /Bonding Agent seals chalky, soft surfaces,
    guarantees adhesion and no peeling of finish coats. Ideal for stucco, masonry, concrete, painted brick and block.

  • #SR1220 Bondit  Sealer/Bonding agent for roof surfaces, provides an adhesive bonding coat for application of roof coatings.

  • #14 Insulating Primer  Acrylic Insulating white pigmented primer for drywall,stucco,plaster, masonry , wood and metal siding.

  • #15 Aqua- Prime  Acrylic Direct To Metal White Metal Primer-Water base primer for Aluminum and Galvanized

  • #16 Stain Blocker  Water-base white primer sealer. Bonds to glossy surfaces, seals stains, water marks and graffiti

  • #17 Rust Reform - Rust Converter Rust Reform is, water based, Non Toxic and Non Flammable metal treatment that chemically converts rust into an inert coating that seals out moisture to prevent future rusting. No sanding, wire brushing required.

  • #18 -Rust Proof Metal Primer  Revolutionary Water base, low VOC, rust inhibiting primer for metal. Replaces "old" Red Lead and Zinc Chromate Primers

  • #1267 Metal Shield  The ultimate primer for steel, autos and marine use. Stops Rust, Insulates, Deadens sound
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