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Paint Calculator
Professional painters do not deduct for windows or doors, this will make up for normal waste and allows enough for touch up. *These calculations are based on an average spread rate of 250 sq. ft per U.S. gallon over a fairly smooth surface.If you are using Elastomeric wall coatings, specialty coatings, or painting over popcorn ceilings or rough Spanish style stucco, DOUBLE the amount of paint. Your actual spread rate may vary depending on the surface irregularities, porosity and material loss when mixing.
The calculator will give you the amount needed for 1 coat. You must DOUBLE this amount for 2 coat applications such as with ceramic paint.

You may enter up to 2 decimal places but please don't include commas.

    1. Measure the HEIGHT of the room from baseboard to ceiling, or to molding if there is a drop ceiling.
      Enter the number of feet (no commas)

    2. Measure the distance around the room,(the total length of all four walls)
      Enter the number of feet (no commas)

    1. Measure the LENGTH of the ceiling.

      Enter the number of feet (no commas)

    2. Measure the WIDTH of the ceiling.

      Enter the number of feet (no commas)

    1. Measure the HEIGHT of the building from foundation to roof line. Add 2 feet to height if there are gables.

      Enter the number of feet (no commas)

    2. Measure the DISTANCE around the building.

      Enter the number of feet (no commas)

( If you are using an elastomeric, Double the amount of paint that the calculator figures as the spread rate is 1/2 of regular paint.)
Amount of Paint You Will Need For ROOF COATINGS
This Calculator will open in a new window. Use the calculator to determine the square footage of your roof and divide by 200 for total number of gallons of "Bond It" primer needed, divide square footage of roof by 100 for number of gallons of finish roof paint you need PER COAT. Two coats are recommended so double that amount. Close out the window when finished to return here and ORDER.


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