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January , 2004
NASA picks Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions as the ONLY company utilizing NASA insulating ceramics technology. [See NASA's Spinoffs]

January , 2004
Hy-Tech Thermal Solution products are included in NASA's Outreach Exhibit Program The space exhibits tour the nation with stops at major events across the country. Visitors experience how NASA's research and technology benefit people on Earth every day as a result of NASA technology spin-offs.

February , 2004
MAXAM Industries and Hy-Tech release a new ceramic composite concrete slip form. The new insulating concrete form board allows for 50 pours or more with non-stick, blemish free results without the use of contaminating oils and release agents.

March , 2004
Ocean View Towers Condominium, FL Chooses Hy-Tech Paint Products for Extensive Waterproofing and Insulating Retrofit

The Florida climate is tough on coatings, salt spray, constant wet/dry cycling and wind driven rain cause significant damage over a period of time. The condominium association required products that would provide long term protection , decrease outside heat infiltration and reduce future maintenance costs.
Products Supplied: Insulating roof coatings, Insulating, elastomeric wall coatings, Cement & Concrete hardening sealers, Slip proof,granite deck coatings, Radiant Barrier/Vapor retarding wall primers, Non-Slip heat reflecting ceramic asphalt sealer.

March , 2004
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chooses Hy-Tech Insulating Paints for insulating electronics trailers and shipping containers.

April , 2004
Hy-Tech's Insulating Additive is tested by the Government of Turkey for approval and shows a 30% reduction in heat transfer!.

May , 2004
Hy-Tech Insulation paint system is approved for use to insulate oil pipelines and heat exchangers in the Federation of Russia!

June , 2004
Hy-Tech releases new Hi Temperature, ( 1200° F) Insulating, Rustproof Metal Paint

July , 2004
Hy-Tech's newly developed anti-staining, insulating coating for the U.S. Navy passes all testing for durability and insulating properties by the naval warfare department and is approved for use aboard all U.S. Navy warships.

April , 2005
Hy-Tech attends an invitation only trade show for NASA employees at their United Space Alliance facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

June, 2005
HomeGarden honors us with inclusion in their Expert Village interviews. Expert Village

August, 2005
The United States embassy of Manama, after exhaustive research, chooses Hy-Tech coatings for protection from the extreme climate of Bahrain.

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