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Thermal Insulating
House Paints & Coatings

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Insulating House Paint & Industrial Coatings
For Home - Industry - Transportation

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Hy-Tech ceramic insulating paint products feature industry setting standards for coatings that will protect, waterproof and seal while providing space age ceramic insulation technology. Hy-Tech Thermal Insulating Paint products provide the ultimate in product performance, ease of application and long lasting durability .
Interior Paints
Ceilings - Walls - Trim
Paint Additives
Insulating Additives - Non Skid - Fire Retardants
Exterior Paints
Wood - Stucco - Siding - Cement Board
Sealers and Undercoating's
Clear Sealers
Wood - Stone - Stucco - Cement
Concrete Hardeners , Dust proofing
Roof Coatings
Fluid Applied Roof Coatings and Sealers
For Any Type of Roof, Residential, Metal, Recreational Vehicles
High Temperature Applications
Steam Pipes - Boilers etc
Fire Resistant Coatings
Class "A"
Acoustical Coatings
Echo and Sound deadening
Metal Protection - Rust Prevention
Industrial - Transportation - Residential - Bridge Coatings
Miscellaneous Specialties
Concrete Forms & Coatings
Vapor Barriers - Radiant Barriers
Cable Coatings - Mastic's - Insulating Matt's
Lead, Asbestos, CC Lumber Encapsulation
Painting Sundries & Supplies
House Wash - Wood Bleach - Deck Cleaners
Paint Insecticides - Surface Preparation Materials
Application Tools
Environmentally friendly
Mildew and ultraviolet resistant
Formulated with the finest Pigments and Resins
Tested under the harsh conditions of Florida's East Coastal region, well known for its mildew and hurricane force wind driven rains.
And supported by experts in application, formulation, and specifications.

You can be assured that these time tested and proven products are your best dollar value on the market today, Easy to Apply, Long Lasting AND They INSULATE!
insulating house paint and insulating paint additives
We Provide the "Solutions"
You Just Need to Apply Them!

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