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How Hy-Tech Insulating Paints can reduce your heating bills this winter and improve the comfort within your home.

Lets compare two rooms with one painted the Hy-Tech way.

Room #1:
The typical room is insulated with batt insulation above the ceiling and in the walls. The purpose of the fiberglass insulation is to reduce the rate of heat transfer by reducing the conduction of heat. The ability of these materials to slow down the heat transfer is measured by the R-Value. The more material used, the greater the R-Value and the better "resistance" to heat flow.
Its cold, you turn your heater on and start warming up the room. The generated heat warms up the air within the room and also warms ceilings, walls, furniture,flooring etc.
As soon as the ceilings and walls begin to warm up, the heat starts transferring to the cooler attic and outside. ( heat always transfers from hot to cold)
The room finally reaches a toasty 72 degrees and your heating unit turns off.
Here is where your energy expenses start. The nice warm ceilings and walls are still transferring heat to the cold side and the fiberglass is still only "resisting" the heat flow. Pretty soon all the heat has migrated to the cold side of the ceilings and walls and so the cycle starts again.. heater on, generate more heat, have it escape to the cold, spend more money for fuel! (Go outside right now and feel how nice and warm the outside wall is)

Room #2:
We paint the ceilings and walls with Hy-Tech insulating ceramics in the paint or better yet with our #85 Barrier Coat, (a pre-mixed primer made with metallic aluminum and vacuum filled ceramics which is then topcoated with finish paint.)
Now the heat generated within the room hits the ceilings and walls and it is "reflected back" into the room! Our ceramic based coatings, reflect the radiant heat back to the source and reduce heat transfer by means of conduction resulting in substantially warmer ceilings and walls. Ceramic Coatings keep surface temperatures more stable than conventional paints and coatings.
By controlling heat through reflection at the source (i.e. by substantially reducing the absorption of heat by the substrate), the demands on conventional R-Value rated insulation materials is greatly reduced and they become more efficient.

THINK ABOUT IT! What is gained by heating up all the mass materials that make up a typical wall only to have it pass through to the outside or up into the attic when you can reflect the heat back into the room.

The choice is yours, keep feeding the fuel companies and continue to warm up the outside air and your attic or, Use Hy-Tech insulating ceramics for paint.
Of course you could always wallpaper your ceilings and walls with aluminum foil or tile them with space shuttle tiles.

More on #85 Barrier Coat The ultimate "Hy-Tech Solution".

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