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Clear Sealers and Finishes
Wood - Masonry - Metal - Plastics

Clear sealers and finish coatings for any surface
Waterproof, Seal and Protect
Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, Soap and Water Cleanup

**** Please note that clear sealers of any kind do NOT have insulating properties. Only coatings that contain the ThermaCels™ spheres will reflect heat.
Ceramics can be added to clear sealers, but due to the color of the ceramics themselves the coating will no longer be clear. The coating will have an opaque or "frosted glass" appearance. In many cases the substrate (shingles, brick, etc) will remain visible, it will simply have a slightly altered appearance.
If you have concerns regarding your particular application, we reccomend you purchase small amounts (1 gallon) and apply to a test area.
  • #20 XClear  Tough Acrylic Clear Gloss Sealer &  Finish for Metal Surfaces, Masonry Surfaces, Skylights, Greenhouses, Glass.
    Designed for "hard to stick to surfaces".

  • #50 Shields-All  All purpose Acrylic Clear Waterproof Sealer-Seals and protects a wide range of surfaces including wood,masonry,cement floors,shingles...Soap and water cleanup

  • #52 Super Seal   Clear Waterproof Sealer-High solids for long lasting protection on any surface, no waxes or silicones.

  • #55 Cem Seal   Concrete hardener and dust proofing sealer for concrete surfaces

  • #60 Flexi-Clear  Clear Elastomeric Sealer &  Finish
    A Hy-Tech Exclusive! Flexi-Clear is a "rubber like" elastic clear coating designed for use over elastomeric roof coatings to protect from dirt and staining. Ideal for use on wood construction and log homes as it Expands and Contracts!

  • #75 Acriflow   A special acrylic polymer resin used to reduce latex paint. When added to paint Acriflow increases that paints flow properties and durability.
    Now you can turn inexpensive paints into a "Premium Paint" with Acriflow!
    Excellent for reducing paints when adding Hy-Tech Insulating Paint Additive.
    latex paint reducer

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insulating house paint and insulating paint additives
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