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Insulating Ceramics For Paint

When you hear the word "ceramic" you tend to think of a fine piece of porcelain, floor or wall tiles or a bathroom plumbing fixture however, new generations of ceramic materials have tremendously expanded the number of possible applications.
Since the early 1960s, heat reflecting ceramics have been used in steel production, and high temperature kilns. In space technology, ceramic materials and cements are used to provide heat protection for the space shuttle.

Ceramics are good thermal insulators, have long life, strength and hardness, they are non corrosive,non-toxic and lightweight. These properties, along with their high melting points, make ceramics attractive ingredients for insulating paints, insulating roof coatings, composites and mastic's.

Now due to advanced manufacturing techniques Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions is able to make available an easy to use, non-toxic, inexpensive, insulating paint additive that can be mixed into any paint making that paint a thermal barrier with the same heat reflecting properties that are used to reduce heat on painted surfaces by the military, major corporations and Industry worldwide.
Hy-Tech Insulating Ceramics
The Space Age "Solution" for High Utility Bills,
Uncomfortable Household Environment,
Poorly Insulated homes,
Uninsulated homes,
Industrial High Temperature Installations,
Any Situation Where HEAT  Needs to be Controlled!
See How Insulating Ceramics
Reduce Heat Transfer

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