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Q: What is the difference between using a ceramic insulating additive and my paint vs pre-mixed Hy-Tech Insulating Paint?
A:To better understand the answer to this question you need to understand the basics of paint formulations.
Basic latex paint is nothing more than a pigment, water, a binder to hold it all together and additives which can be added to improve flow and leveling, eliminate bubbles, mildewcides etc.
A paint formulators goals are to insure that
1.) There is sufficient pigment to make the paint cover well
2.) Sufficient binder to hold the pigment to the surface and give it durability and
3.) Enough vehicle, (water in latex paints and solvent in oil base paints) to insure easy flowing and workability.

The finished product is a balanced blend of the three basic ingredients quality depending on type of pigment used, amount of water and type of resin which is why there is quite a spread in paint prices.

Adding Ceramics to ready made paint:
Hy-Tech ceramics are at the top of the list of quality paint pigments, they are stronger, the hard ceramic shell resists staining, ceramics are flame resistant and the ball bearing shape improves flow and leveling. When you add our recommended 32 oz (by volume) per gallon to a can of ready mixed paint you are upsetting the balance of pigment vs water that the formulator originally based his "recipe" on. This makes the paint thicker which requires the addition of water in order to insure easy flow and leveling, and you are requiring the binder or resin to hold into place a greater volume of pigment. Sounds pretty bad but not really. First of all adding 1/2 to 1 pint of water to a gallon of paint is not going to make or break its properties. Most traditional paint pigments are soft and irregular in shape allowing for easy stain penetration, drag on the paint application tool and fast to erode. Ceramics being micro ball bearings improve flow and leveling, the hard ceramic shell resists dirt pickup and improves durability.
Test Results: We took four different brands of medium priced interior wall paints and added 32 oz of Hy-Tech ceramic additive, reduced the paints with 1/2 - 1 pint of water to bring back the original viscosity and performed side by side scrub tests to compare the original paint with the ceramic reinforced paint. In each and every case the ceramic filled paint outperformed the original paint!!
Advantages of Hy-Tech Insulating Additive:
Economical: 1.) Being lightweight shipping fees are reduced.
2.) No waste, use what you need now and store the remaining ceramic additive for future painting projects.
Convenience: The ceramic additive can be stored indefinitely so it is always on hand for when you have the time to paint.
Versatile: Hy-Tech ceramics can be mixed into Any brand or type of paint, coating, mastic, adhesive, or cement base mixture such as stucco mix, tile grout and thin set, plaster, any product that needs improved insulating, sound deadening or increased slip resistance properties.
3.) The ceramics with the addition of Hy-Tech Acri-Flow allows you to use inexpensive, locally available paint and turn that paint into a premium, long lasting, insulating wall or ceiling paint coating.

Advantages of Hy-Tech Pre-Mixed Paint:
When we formulate a paint from scratch we are able to include a very high percentage of insulating ceramics to our blend with just enough other pigments to insure good covering and hiding power. Number 1 grade titanium is our pigment of choice due to its efficiency in scattering visible light, imparting whiteness, brightness, and high opacity. We minimize the water content and load our formulas with a very high concentration of resins each selected for the what is required of that paints application.
1. Higher concentration of ceramics for increased insulation and durability.
2. A higher percentage of long lasting resin than most other paints.
3. Minimum amount of water.
4. Economical, take the price of a gallon of premium quality paint, add the cost of an additive, the total is generally more than one of our pre-mixed Hy-Tech insulating paints which gives you more insulating ceramics per square foot of applied product.
5. Convenience, no mixing, simply open the can and "Brush away your high utility bills"

Whatever your choice, adding the insulating ceramics to your own paint or using one of the Hy-Tech pre-mixed insulating paints, the end result is you will be saving money on your heating and cooling bills, reducing sound and providing the painted surface with a durable long lasting ceramic finish.
We provide the solutions...
You just need to apply them!
advancement of materials and process the only insulating additive for paint selected by NASA buy with confidence insulating ceramic technology
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